Edward Sparkle
So. I went downtown and through the mall... AS EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. AND LIVED. <3
With Ichabod Crane and Sweeney Todd.

We had a blast, and got recognized a lot. My favorite part was when Sweeney and I went into a barber shop and asked for an application. <3

ALSO! This guy was closing his sweetshop, and gave us "leftover" chocolate dipped fudge hearts. THEY WERE DELICIOUS. x33

A bunch of people came up to us and asked us if we were going to a party. This one guy came up and he recognized all of us, and siad he loved Johnny Depp and we were awesome.  xD

If you don't know this about me already, I'm in a cosplay group with two other girls called Diabetic Coma (DiCo) and as a side project, we have "The Depp Squad".
This is our youtube.

We are planning to cosplay several of Johnny Depp's characters... Thus far we have;
-Edward Scissorhands
-Sweeney Todd
-Ichabod Crane
-Mort Rainey
-Mad Hatter
-and many more to come!

But yeah, we had a blast! Expect videos and photos soon~ <3

Dear World
I have no life. Therefor, most, if not all of my journal posts will have nothing to do with my social life. I know, what's that, right? Fandom aside, I'm an anti-social nerd monster. xD

Things about me...
I like stuff
I like cosplay
I like candy
I like painting with my fingers
I am not four years old

That's pretty much it. OH. And I'm Norwegian-American. And very proud of that fact. x3

I cosplay a lot. Like... A lot.

I'm willing to talk to pretty much anyone, so don't be afraid, I don't bite... Often. >_>;

MSN - KeruChan@live.com
DA - KayaniNeko

Just... if you message me, tell me where you know me from. xD
I don't add random people. NOPE.

But yeah... Talk to me if you wanna know more. I know at this point I must seem irresistibly intriguing~ ;D

And yes, I am insane. Clearly.



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